Big Announcement

BIG Announcement!! 

Are you ready for some BIG news?! Okay, deep breath. Here we go….

I’m releasing a new book at the end of the month! I’m so excited! It will be on Amazon for my 1 year Life, Love, And Recovery anniversary! I’ve spent this year finishing, finalizing, and editing this book while becoming better friends with you! Now, you get to celebrate my launch with me! 

What’s it called? Glad you asked! It’s titled Fierce: Surviving Domestic Violence One Step At A time

How do I get it? Another great question lovely. Fierce will be available for you to order as a kindle book on May 27, 2021. 

I am so pumped to share this big news with you today! I’ll post some more about it in the coming weeks. For the first week, I will provide you lovely readers with a discount code so that you can grab your copy as soon as possible! I’ll update you more about that later too. Just keep checking back, I’ll keep updating you.

On launch day, you’ll be able to head over to the Store and link directly to the new book so that you can purchase it for your library. Also, I’m working on a later release in paperback – that turned out to be more complicated than I expected. Yikes! Also, on release day, May 27, I’m setting up some freebies for you as well. So you’ll definitely want to come back and check them out!

This is definitely a book that you’ll want to read and share. I know that domestic violence isn’t something that we talk about a lot, openly, with others in our society. I know that we can know people for years and not know that they hold an abusive past secret in their beautiful hearts. I know that you, my friend are suffering silently.

It is my hope that in reading this book, you will be able to leave behind your guilt or shame or fear and stand in the light of recovery, redemption, and restoration. I offer up my story to you dear friend, so that you know you’re not alone; so that you can walk a path of recovery too. We do it in the open here, no hiding or shame connected to our pasts. We have been redeemed sister. 

If you are a person who knows of other women who have suffered and you want to share this book with them, please do. You can just share it with all your friends because sometimes, we really just don’t know. I hope this helps you, them, or someone you love. It’s time to break the silence.

I am so excited for you to celebrate with me! Aren’t you excited too?! Please help me get the word out by sharing on your favorite social media account. Also, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook @LifeLoveRecovery. I hope to see you there friend!

For news and updates from my blog (or if you want to follow along with my search for the Good Life) type your email address above. You’ll get new posts and updates in your inbox. I won’t spam you or sell your information. See you there!


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