Self Care You Can Do With 15 Minutes or Less

What to do to self-care in just a few minutes a day. We all know that self care is important. It is impossible for us to work all day every day – you’ll burn out quicker than you can snap your fingers. So what are we to do when we have just a few minutes a day after the kids go to bed, before we go to work, or the only time we can find is in the cracks between all the stuff we have to do every day?

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One to Five minutes:

  • Do a breathing exercise – this one is fantastic. Click here A Simple Breathing Exercise (1 min) – YouTube
  • Do nothing – set a timer on your phone for the amount of time you have available, turn off other notification, close your eyes, and sit 
  • Take an extra minute in the shower in the morning
  • Grab a piece of chocolate, close the door, and savor the treat
  • Look at the photos on your phone – we all take a thousand photos and then never look at them again – seeing all those smiling faces will trigger the mirror neurons in our brains
  • Listen to a youtube video of nature – I like this one. Click here: Rain Sound and Rainforest Animals Sound – Relaxing Sleep – YouTube
  • Sit and pet your fluffies
  • Watch cute cat/dog/panda videos ( I love pandas, don’t you?!)

Five to Fifteen Minutes:

  • Take a walk outside – science says that exercise makes us feel better and most of us don’t get enough anyway – plus wouldn’t it be great to make your steps for the day
  • Sit in a bath with your bubbles, oils, or bombs – I love the smell of lavender for relaxing, especially before bed will help relax you and push you towards sleepy time. You can get some lavender items on Amazon here.
  • Read a magazine or a book
  • Listen to uplifting music and dance around your living room – check out this playlist I put together: Uplifting – YouTube

Fifteen minutes or more:

  • Do a walk on the treadmill + a breathing exercise to calm and refocus
  • Try a Yoga video – Adrien is amazing, free, and has videos for all fitness levels. 
  • Take a walk at a local nature preserve and get in touch with nature – turn the phone off for the duration of your walk/hike
  • If you have children, nieces/nephews, or grandchildren go play with them – they will love it and so will you – if you don’t have any, you can still play by yourself don’t feel awkward, just have fun
  • Work on a hobby that you have – I am a scrapbooker and I like to take a few minutes to edit photos, put a page or two together, or just skim Pinterest to see what other people are doing
  • Look at positive affirmations – you could do a coloring page with a positive affirmation on it which is relaxing too – you can find one on amazon too. I like this one out and this one. I have this one and this one
  • Call your mom, call a friend, video chat with a friend or family member – even better go see them, we don’t do this as much anymore. You can call a friend while you’re on your way to go see your mom! We get a positive boost from connecting to our people in a positive  way 
  • Watch an inspiring movie. Here are a couple of my favorites

Some additional tips:

If you’re new to yoga don’t go buy things until you know it’s something you want to do. I began Yoga about 12 years ago when I finished physical therapy and wanted to continue strengthening. My physical therapist told me that I should try it. Back then, I went to a big box store and picked up a kit with a mat, a brick, a strap, and a DVD. If you want a kit check them out on Amazon here.

When you meditate talk to God. I find I’m most restored when I begin by diving into myself and saying out loud or quietly “Holy Spirit, Come. You are welcome here.” Then just breathe in and out. Pay attention to your breath and how your body feels. If your mind wanders over to your to-do list, what you should have said, what you should have done, or anything other than loving yourself, refocus on God. You can say “Hello, God. I am here.” You can say it as many times as you need and he won’t mind. If you still have trouble focusing and relaxing, tell God about your problems. I have had some amazing mediations while doing this. 

Finally, do what you love to do and that which will restore your heart. I’ve found that when I follow a list instead of my heart I don’t feel restored. When I relax and enjoy myself I feel better physically and emotionally. If your heart feels exhausted and you want to watch a feel-good movie – do it. Don’t do something on a to-do list because you’ll just feel more tired at the end. Love yourself. That’s what this is all about. If you don’t love you, who will?

What do you think, lovely friend? Do you want to give any of these a shot? I’d love to hear if you have any additional ideas to add to the conversation. Leave a comment below to share. I’m on social media too, follow along there and enter the conversation.

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