Friday Freebie

Happy Friday, Friends! I’m having so much fun reading the Bible with you and getting organized that I thought it would be fantastic to combine both of them! I know , I know, sometimes you just have a brain blast. 

I liked it so much that I thought I’d share it with you. Free! I love free stuff and I want to give you something for joining me on this journey. 

So here it is….Bible bookmark progress trackers. Don’t you just love them?

This makes me so happy, you really have no idea. It combines my love of lists, checking things off, and progress. I love to check things off of lists. I love it so much that sometimes halfway through a day, I will write down the things that I’ve done so that I can check them off the list.  I also love love love progress. I love getting things done. I love to watch my lists shrink. It feels so good. 

So the idea is that as you complete a chapter, you can move on to the next bookmark. Plus when you check off each chapter, you’ll track your progress through the chapters too.

As a bonus there’s also a bookmark for Proverbs & Psalms chapters 1-60. You can read these throughout the year or at the end. If you read a chapter a day, everyday except holidays and Sundays, you will still have almost two months at the end of the year. It is my goal at present to read in Proverbs and Psalms and reread Matthew 1&2 and Luke 1&2 which should take you up to Christmas Eve. Then at the end, no readings scheduled until 2022.

If you get behind (which is a real thing) you can use those days to catch up or finish. There are no rules to this reading plan. God doesn’t care how much we read or how fast we do it – he just cares that we come to the altar and sit with him a while.

Here they are. Just click on the download and they’re yours. I printed them on standard card stock and then cut them out. They should fit in your Bible of most standard sizes. If you have a smaller bible or a larger bible let me know and I can adjust them for you. 

Happy Friday Friend!

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