Chapter Review: Matthew 1 to 4

Hey everyone! I hope you’re enjoying this New Testament reading plan as much as I am. If you haven’t heard we are reading the New Testament together. Check out this post here. So far, I’ve read the first ten chapters and I wanted to share some my observations with you. This post is on the... Continue Reading →

The Good Life Productivity

Hey friends! I pray that your week is going well. I have been making a lot of progress beginning to do things differently. During these past couple of weeks, I have been journaling a lot. I have also put together my notebook that will project and track my Good Life project. As promised, today, I'm... Continue Reading →

Friday Freebie

Happy Friday, Friends! I’m having so much fun reading the Bible with you and getting organized that I thought it would be fantastic to combine both of them! I know , I know, sometimes you just have a brain blast.  I liked it so much that I thought I’d share it with you. Free! I... Continue Reading →

Good Life Update

Hey there friend! Last Week, I challenged you and myself to live the good life in 2021. Since then, I have begun examining my life. I’ve been answering questions that come up and creating new habits for myself. I want to know what’s working and what’s missing and I want to share these things with... Continue Reading →

Reading Methods

Hey Friend! I hope your holidays were spectacular! On the first, I began a new Bible reading plan for 2021. I’m reading a chapter a day to get through the New Testament in a year. Here’s a free download if you want to join in. You can cut the page in half and use them... Continue Reading →

Christmas Traditions

Part of recovery is deciding what your life will be like. It’s part of taking back your power. Starting over also allows you to make new traditions. It allows you to begin a new life. Things may be hard starting over, having the first Christmas after divorce, or after leaving a relationship. However, I can... Continue Reading →

More Joy Killers

Since this is the joy week of advent I want to list two more things that kill and steal joy. Guilt -  mom-guilt, achievement guilt, and comparison. Mom-life, hustle, and girl-boss are fantastic until we set expectations at super woman level and don’t achieve. Then we feel guilty and compare ourselves to someone who seems... Continue Reading →

What is Peace?

One of the definitions for peace is “a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.” Another is “freedom from disturbance; tranquility.” ( Based on these definitions, it would seem that it’s not possible for us to have peace while we’re on this planet.  We’re constantly disturbed by so... Continue Reading →

Advent Peace

We're one week closer to Christmas. This week in Advent, the focus is Peace. In this season, we often cannot find peace. I confess that I am struggling to find peace this month. I keep wanting to stress about money, people, places. I want to stress about doing all the right things all the time.... Continue Reading →

Grateful Heart

Right now things are hard in my world. It's not hard life changing problems. It's hard like every two minutes another tiny thing gets piled onto my list of tiny issues and I'm becoming overwhelmed types of problems. As I write this, I've had a rough weekend and it appears that I'm moving into a... Continue Reading →

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