Sunday Prayer

It’s Sunday again! Sunday is the best day of the week. It’s a day of rest.  It’s a day of slow and quiet and peace. It’s a day that gives me a reset on my regular rhythms. I need the rhythms of the week the same as the earth needs the rhythms of rest and renewal that comes with the changing of the seasons. 

These last weeks have been both good and difficult. I’m finding that I need to pull from deep within me at times to keep going. I have finally begun to feel the cold all the way to my bones. But at the same time, I feel the warmth of my morning coffee, the softness of my throw blankets, and the sweetness of tea in the evening. The coziness of the fireplace, the chunky sweaters, and the fluffy pillows that I rest in.

Each day, each week, each season ushering in the new and pushing out the old. I find myself finding comfort in the rhythms, knowing each change brings renewal. Taking rest on Sunday along with prayer and church permits a reconnection to the strength of God that we need to keep going. As I get a little older, and I hope a little wiser, I am reminded how much I need that connection. How much I need God to persevere and endure. 

These prayers on Sunday have become a part of my rest and Sabbath connection to God. So, today I’d like to offer a prayer of perseverance for us all. 

Dearest Father, today we come to you with tired hearts and worn emotions. We come with our hands open and our hearts ready. We ask that in your grace you give us what we need to keep going through this coming week and all the weeks thereafter. This is a season of rest. This is a season where things are hard and cold and tiring in more ways than one. This is a period where we ask that you give us faith to know that you have given us a spirit to be brave and strong. We ask that you remind us of your mercy and hold us up in these hard days. We ask, Father, that you give us your Spirit of love and self-discipline to keep us going. We ask for faith to persevere against the suffering, hardships, and difficulties that lie ahead. We ask that you hold us when we cry, sit with us in our silence, hold our hand in our fear, and protect us in the valley. Comfort us in these days. Only you are God, only you can be enough, only you can get us through. We come to you, humbled, weak, and tired, in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Prayer is a powerful tool. I believe prayer has the power to change the hearts of men and to move the heart of God. I believe that when we pray together we are joined together in Jesus’ name. 

If you need a little encouragement today, 2 Timothy 1 & 2, are good chapters of encouragement. If you have a prayer request, you can comment below, send me an email, or post it on the memorial page. I’d love to pray for you this week. Have a happy Sunday and a blessed week, my friends. 

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