Do Something.

Have you ever looked around and been overwhelmed by the suffering you see in the world?  For the last ten years, this has been my problem. I have frequently been presented with the suffering of strangers, family, and friends.y reaction is often to suffer more along with them. I was angry at God about it. ... Continue Reading →

Prayer and a Playlist

Hello, Lovelies! The last weeks have been so crazy and I’m learning so much in my life. Many of you know that I’m a crafty person and that I make scrapbooks. Recently I was working on a project and I put together a scrappy page that included a new playlist. I’ve been praying for some... Continue Reading →

Prayers to Our Father

Sunday was Father’s Day here in the US. At our home, we went to church, where they celebrated the dads a little, and we came home to celebrate my husband. It was a special day for us.  I began thinking about Our Father last week. I was listening to the Lovifide podcast with Nicole C.... Continue Reading →

Praying Together

Hello, Lovelies! I have a song I want to share with you today. This weekend, at church, they played this song [Goodness Of God (Lyrics) ~ Bethel Music - YouTube]. It’s called Goodness of God by Bethel Music. I think it’s sung by Jenn Johnson.  Anywho, I was immediately cast into the space where I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Prayer

Today is Tuesday, as you may have noticed, I’m a day late with our weekly prayer. I’ve decided to just give myself some grace on that score. Tuesdays can be just as difficult as Mondays and every day is a prayer day. Would you like to pray with me? This morning while thinking about what... Continue Reading →

Monday Prayer

Happy Monday Friends! I liked praying last Monday afternoon. So let’s keep it going! The passage I’m looking at this week is Philippians 4:4-9. It’s a passage that seems to hold a key to letting go of worry and focusing on being grateful. Since I’ve been focused on money I want to shift perspective to... Continue Reading →

Sunday Prayer

It's Sunday again and we are now praying people. Coming together as a group in prayer, joining our minds, and lifting our hearts together is a big deal. It's what community is about. Prayer is powerful friend, will you pray with me? Today, I was thinking about Lamentations 3:22-23 and I want to pray about... Continue Reading →

Sunday Prayer

Good Morning Friends! It’s the first Sunday of the new year. We’ve entered 2021 with high hopes and good spirits. Around here, we’ve taken down the Christmas tree and put away all the festive decorations. We’re so thankful to have been able to spend the time together in the Christmas season.  We have begun our... Continue Reading →

Prayer Matters

Prayer. I’ve been thinking about prayer a lot. This morning, I came into my office to begin working and I saw my grandmother’s bible on its stand. It’s just there, reminding me of a long history of Jesus-lovers. It’s one thing my family does right. The Bible was open to Psalm 86. It’s a prayer... Continue Reading →

Serenity. Prayer.

Life is hard, y’all. Lately I’ve been saying the serenity prayer a lot. In my head. Out loud. It’s taped to my bathroom mirror. Because. Life. Is. Hard. Everyone’s hard is different. My hard used to be – I have no money and my son needs diapers and my boyfriend won’t let me call his... Continue Reading →

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