Spirit Lead Me

Hey there friend! Today I want to offer you a prayer song for encouragement wherever you are today. Check out the prior post here. This song appeared in my YouTube feed in 2019, after I started a job that I thought was going to be good, and quickly found out it wasn’t. I stayed for... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Fasting for Holy Week + Monday Prayer Time

Hello Friends! Today I am dropping by to talk about Holy Week. Plus it’s Monday so that means a prayer for Monday. This week we are fasting from meat and alcohol around here. We chose this week because it was the final week leading up to Jesus’ torture and execution. I completely spaced on the... Continue Reading →

Monday Prayer

Happy Monday Friends! I liked praying last Monday afternoon. So let’s keep it going! The passage I’m looking at this week is Philippians 4:4-9. It’s a passage that seems to hold a key to letting go of worry and focusing on being grateful. Since I’ve been focused on money I want to shift perspective to... Continue Reading →

Monday Prayer

Hey Friends! It’s Monday and Mondays can be hard. I thought what better way to get through a hard day than to pray, right? If you noticed, yesterday we didn’t pray together because I want to move our prayer time to Monday. I don’t want to flood you with too many posts. I also thought... Continue Reading →

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