Just Breathe

What does your life look like right now? For me, it seems like I’m always running around doing things. It seems like when I’m having a bad day there’s always something that I have to do. You know those days where you have an appointment first thing in the morning, then the coffee pot didn’t... Continue Reading →

Where Are You?

Where are you, right now? Summer is quickly drawing to a close, life is slowly switching over to fall, it’s getting dark earlier, and it’s still hot outside. All around me life is changing - all day every day. There is only one thing that remains the same. Only one thing that is constant. One... Continue Reading →

Regular Everyday Ordinary Life

Hello, my lovely friends! Oh my gosh, it’s been about a month since I checked in. My plan in July was to post twice a week with an encouraging verse, song, or praise. Just anything to say “hey, don’t give up.” Well, I didn’t quite make it.  You see, we’ve moved from Ohio to Arkansas... Continue Reading →

You Are Chosen

Hey friends! Today is another day of encouragement! I am loving doing these posts for this month! I know that halfway through the year, we can review and see that we’ve made some mistakes, gotten off track, or even abandoned those resolutions from January. Around here, we don’t judge any of that. Just start where... Continue Reading →

Spirit Lead Me

Hey there friend! Today I want to offer you a prayer song for encouragement wherever you are today. Check out the prior post here. This song appeared in my YouTube feed in 2019, after I started a job that I thought was going to be good, and quickly found out it wasn’t. I stayed for... Continue Reading →

We Never Give Up

Today I’m continuing with another word of encouragement for you. This month, I want to spend all my time encouraging you. You can read the prior post here. In my pursuit of the Good Life, I want to look at being positive this month with you. “Therefore, since God in his mercy has given us this... Continue Reading →

Everything is Alright

Hey everyone! It has been a busy couple of weeks for me at home. We’ve packed up half our house, painted everything, and did two days of showings. We got our house under contract and we’re gearing up to move! It’s all super exciting but it’s also a lot of work.  In the last few... Continue Reading →

Our God is Faithful

At the beginning of the year, I chose a word for the year: Steadfast. I had heard the word in my head for a while, and I thought it meant that I had to stay the course, be firm, immovable. This was an excellent word. It was a good intention too. I could place myself... Continue Reading →

Prayers to Our Father

Sunday was Father’s Day here in the US. At our home, we went to church, where they celebrated the dads a little, and we came home to celebrate my husband. It was a special day for us.  I began thinking about Our Father last week. I was listening to the Lovifide podcast with Nicole C.... Continue Reading →

How do we Get More Self-Control?

Monday, I was reading along with my New Testament in a year plan, and I came across this verse: “Afterwards, you should come together again so that Satan won’t be able to tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” 1 Corinthians 7:5 NLT. Paul is talking about marriage here but, I realized that the... Continue Reading →

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