An Instruction Manual for Life: the Great Commission

Today I’m continuing a thought process that I began a couple weeks ago, you can find the first posts HERE and HERE. We’re talking about how to live a good life. So far, we’ve talked about the three things Jesus told us to do and we’ve talked about the 10 commandments. 

One of the three things Jesus told us to do is: make disciples of all the nations. It was a command. In that first post, we talked about why we share. Now, we’re going to bring it all together. 

We know that when we get saved, we don’t deserve it, we can’t earn it, and we’re made new. (Ephesians 2:8-9) We begin walking down a new path and living a life worthy of what we’ve been called to do. (Ephesians 4:1-6) It’s such good news that really we want to tell everyone. 

Yet, for many of us, sharing is so very hard. We’re afraid of public speaking, we’re afraid of being rejected, we’re collapsing under the burden of telling others about Christ and getting them saved! We’ve got it all wrong, friends. The burden to save others and convert them is not ours, put it down. 

The great commission says go and tell. That’s our part. It’s God’s part to change their hearts, to draw the person to him. It’s the Spirit’s part to convict them of their sin and to open their eyes and ears to the truth. (Acts 1:8) It’s only when these have happened that our words will fall on ears that hear. It’s only then, that non-Christians can perceive our lifestyle and our joy, with eyes that truly see.

But we’re still afraid of what people will say to us about talking to them about Jesus. We don’t know how they’ll react. The person may become angry, the person may become violent, we may be rejected from the world, we may lose friends and family. We may get shut down. We’re afraid. It’s true – these things can happen and they are hurtful when they do. Yet, we’re still called to speak. 

The truth is, if someone didn’t speak to you, you wouldn’t be a christian. If you weren’t invited to church, your wouldn’t know the relief of Jesus in your life. If a million someones throughout history didn’t go and tell, none of us would be saved by grace today. It’s good news, share it! 

The easiest way to begin is: “Do you know Jesus? When I met Jesus, I had this type of life… and then when I met him, everything changed. Now I have this type of life…”

Our history is our testimony. We’re giving witness of the good things that Jesus’s saving us from all that suffering does in our lives. We’re forever grateful for what he’s done for us. And that’s worth telling someone about. 

Another method is this: “Life is tough. Here’s how I see it’s tough… How do you see it’s tough… Here’s how I got an answer to relieve the hardness of life being tough… Jesus’s saving grace made it better WHILE it’s still tough. He gives me hope that this isn’t all there is. And I’m not alone anymore.” 

It’s as easy as that. Where a t-shirt, wear a cross necklace, speak about the Bible in everyday conversation. Take time to pray, to ask God for direction. Take the time to understand what you’ve been through and compare it to where you’ve been. Then share it with those closest to you. 

Life is tough, friends. We’re all experiencing the suffering that this planet has to offer. If we’re having a good day, we can see other’s suffering around us. It’s everywhere and it’s always. Speak hope into that suffering. Speak Jesus into the ears of everyone you come across. Someone will listen, even if you get rejected a thousand times, isn’t it with it in the end? When God says, well done my good and faithful servant. Isn’t that one blessing worth a million rejections? I say yes. That’s why I’m writing this. 

Verse image – well done good and faithful servant


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