The Lies We Believe

Hello lovelies! I want to share a song with you today.

 I’ve heard it two or three times this past week and it made me think of who I was before. It made me think of leaving my abuser and hiding behind locked doors. It made me think of all the negative words thrown at me. It made me think of all the awful things I’ve experienced. All the times I’ve been rejected, told I wasn’t good enough, and pushed away. It made me think of all the beautiful people in this world who are suffering in so many ways. 

In the middle of all the hard stuff, the suffering, the pain, the tears. God is loving us perfectly. 

Before we even existed in this hard world, Jesus went softly to the cross because he loved us perfectly. 

“Who said that you weren’t beautiful? And that you didn’t belong in your own skin?” So many people have cast this on me. We suffer against these words thrown at us. We carry words in our hearts that are said in many painful ways. 

“Who said that you were all alone and that you’re never gonna find love again?” I’ve said this to myself and I’ve felt this aloneness in my heart. 

These two painful experiences seem to be ubiquitous in our human existence. And the truth is, these are lies. We believe them wrongly. These lies hold us captive because we can’t see past the mean things that are painted on us ever since we can remember. For so many different reasons, we believe them and integrate them into who we believe ourselves to be. 

The truth is we’re perfect. Each of us is beautiful in our differences, beautiful in our humanity. Perfect in our reflection of our maker. Perfectly loved by Jesus who has already died to make us free. 

I hope you listen to this song over and over and see that it contains some beautiful truths.  If you right-click on the images in this post, you’ll be able to save them to your computer and print them out. Put them where you can see them and be reminded every day that you are made in God’s image and that you’re perfectly loved.

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