Do Something.

I’m back! I’ve decided that it’s time to come back to the blog. I posted last week because I was moved, once again, by images of human trafficking. I’ve decided to look around the world and pull some resources on all sorts of recovery-related things all in one place. 

In my last post, I said I can’t do everything, but we can do one thing. This is my one thing: My new Resources page. I love research and I seem to stumble across resources and knowledge frequently. I’ve decided to pass it along.

Last week I posted a video about human trafficking. When I did, I found three resource guides. These are good for just about anyone. 

Here’s a number you can call/text if you see something : calling: 1-888-373-888 or texting: BeFree (233733)

This is just the beginning. Hope you learn something and pass it along. There are thousands of people who are enslaved every day. They are trafficked and sold by people who don’t care about them at all. You are a light in the darkness and the light always wins.

Download the PDF files, read them, pass them along. Talk about it. Put the number in your phone so that if you see something you can say something. Be the light.

If you want to follow along, type your email above. I don’t spam you or sell your info. Just posts. 🙂 I’d love if you joined the conversation. Did you learn anything, decide to do anything, put the number in your phone? Leave a comment below. See ya!


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