Refugee Slavery

As I was walking at the freedom walk, I remembered that I was reading an AP wire article about slavery. I had to look it up so that I could share it with you.

Here’s the article: Ransomed and Beaten – AP

Credit – AP Photo – Ahmed Hatem

These are people. They were lured under false pretenses. A vulnerable population. Victimized.

I see it, I’m saying something.

There’s no number to call. There’s no obvious action for me to take. Except maybe you didn’t know before this week that slavery was real. Now, you do. Now you can say something too. I pray you do.

Did you know this was real? Will you share the article above? Did you read it? I’d love for you to enter the conversation. Type your comment below. Also, if you want to see new posts to your email, type you email address above and you’ll receive new posts to your inbox. I don’t spam you or sell your information. See you there!


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