Just Breathe

What does your life look like right now? For me, it seems like I’m always running around doing things. It seems like when I’m having a bad day there’s always something that I have to do. You know those days where you have an appointment first thing in the morning, then the coffee pot didn’t perk overnight and the kids oversleep, miss the bus, and it throws the whole rest of the morning off? 

Those kinds of days always seem to push me off my game. I seem to stumble and yell at the kids and the husband. I find myself rushing in traffic and yelling at people in other cars. I definitely do not represent Jesus well. 

It’s also those kinds of days when I find grace. Most of the time, I get into the car and I have the radio tuned into Air1 radio and this song comes on. It’s like Jesus is reminding me who I am. He’s reminding me that I don’t have to achieve anything at all to be loved. He’s reminding me he’s already got everything handled and doesn’t need me to do anything at all. He reminding me to slow down and be with him. 


Below is a link to the official song. Here is a link to my uplifting playlist. I hope this song reminds you to breathe today and other days when things are spinning out of control. Check it out below. I hope you have a great day!

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