Where Are You?

Where are you, right now? Summer is quickly drawing to a close, life is slowly switching over to fall, it’s getting dark earlier, and it’s still hot outside. All around me life is changing – all day every day. There is only one thing that remains the same. Only one thing that is constant. One person who is always there no matter what day of the week or what time of the day – just one word away. Jesus, God, Yahweh. 

I find that the rhythm of life brings my attention to God constantly. On Saturday, I’m considering Sunday as Sabbath and I am willing my heart to be peaceful. I’m always so ready for a break. The week is hard at work and then full stop when Sunday comes. During the week, I have trial prep and court on Thursday. I write these posts in the cracks of time. Every day, I wake up and return my attention to the Bible for a few minutes of quiet. Every evening I go to bed early to get a few words of wisdom and write a prayer of gratitude.


Seasons bring my attention back to God. I watch during spring for signs of longer days, renewed growth, bulbs popping up, singing birds, and lovely fluffy bunnies.  In the summer, I feel the rush and excitement of the family fun time. I watch for shortened afternoons, early dusk, and crisp leaves. I am excited and notice God showing off when I see the leaves changing from green to all sorts of vibrant colors. I feel the excitement for holidays and gift-giving. I love to wrap up in warm sweaters, have a hot chocolate, and a fire going (even candles). 

In life, there’s a rhythm as well. Hard times, easy times. Uptimes, downtimes. Abundant times, and scarce times. Right now, we’re going through a series of hard times. It seems every day is a roller coaster. We’re adapting to so much right now. We reach out and hold on to messages of hope on Sunday, the anchor of Jesus holding us together, and little reminders everywhere to just hold on. 

In every season there are wonders and beautiful things to behold, it’s a rhythm that frequently turns my attention back to the creator of all this beauty. In every moment I am reminded that I am not alone. I am reminded that the God I know has so much in store for this wonderful life. 

I wanted to share with you some of the nuggets I’ve encountered this summer. Since we’ve moved and the Delta variant has shown up fiercely, we have been watching church online on Sundays. 

We love Red Rocks Worship and their home church Red Rocks Church. They have this summer series that invites you to check out who you are on the inside. It’s a series that reminds us that we grow in seasons too. Sometimes, we experience rapid growth physically, sometimes it’s emotionally. Often we see slow, steady progress. In recovery, we have both slow and rapid progress – healing, learning, reintegrating, and overcoming. 

Check out the series on Youtube – Check out my playlist here . Follow Red Rocks Church here.


Right now, if you’re in a tough spot like I am, one thing I’ve consistently encountered is this: the darkness can never overcome the light. It is always the light that wins. Jesus says he is the light of the world. (John 8:12) He also says that his followers are the light. (Matthew 5:13-16). Have you ever thought about that? So, if Jesus is the light of the world,  he says we are light in the world, how can we be defeated by the darkness that is in the world? We can’t. 

Let that encourage you today. This will pass because seasons always change. The up comes down, the down comes up. The hard stuff gets easier. The darkness cannot overcome the light. You will grow and change and life will be different. 


I hope you have some encouragement from this. Have a happy week friends! I’d love it if you joined the conversation. Leave a comment below or send a prayer request. I’d love to pray for you. Enter your email address below, and you’ll receive new posts to your inbox. I don’t sell your information and I don’t spam you. See you there! 


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