You Are Chosen

Hey friends! Today is another day of encouragement! I am loving doing these posts for this month! I know that halfway through the year, we can review and see that we’ve made some mistakes, gotten off track, or even abandoned those resolutions from January. Around here, we don’t judge any of that. Just start where you are, with what you have. There’s nothing in our lives that is irreparable when we’ve made a mistake. We just start over. 


The song that I’m giving you today is one that’s been out for a few months and I love, love, love it. It speaks directly to my heart. I am a fully human person who has struggled so much with so many things. I have been abused and broken and recovered. By the grace of God, I am here today. 

This song is so real and so raw. The singer asks the question most of us ask. We are so broken, making so many mistakes, can’t stick to any single thing, fickle, angry, imperfect people. Yet, God loves us so much to turn our bleak, emptiness into a beautiful garden. He brings us from death to life for no reason other than he loves us. He forgives us every single day for making so many mistakes. He does that even knowing we’re going to do it again. Who are we to be loved like that? 


God says we’re chosen. His adopted and much-loved family. We’re worthy, friend – no matter what has been done to us or what we’ve done to others. No matter what, he will grow that garden on your barren soul too if you let him in. He asks for nothing in return. 

Check the song out on YouTube here. NEEDTOBREATHE – “Who Am I” [Official Video] – YouTube

I’ve also added it to a playlist HERE. You can follow me on YouTube @LifeLoveRecovery. I’m also on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest @LifeLoveRecovery.


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