Spirit Lead Me

Hey there friend! Today I want to offer you a prayer song for encouragement wherever you are today. Check out the prior post here.

This song appeared in my YouTube feed in 2019, after I started a job that I thought was going to be good, and quickly found out it wasn’t. I stayed for a while and then this song appeared and I listened to it on repeat for months. I finally left the job and found the path that God made for me. 

It’s a beautiful prayer that asks the Spirit to lead us in the path that God has prepared for us. We know that the Spirit was given to us as protector, healer, intercessor, teacher, and advocate. We know that the Spirit is given as a gift from Christ and the Spirit resides inside of us. We know that the Spirit is good because God is good. 


If you’re in a spot where you think you maybe got off the path God has for you, sing along and pray to God today. Believe me when I tell you, that when God created you and then chose you for the job he created for you, he planned for you to get off track too. Trust him, trust his plan, trust his path. 

Friend, I’ve just spent years working on a book that I know God gave me to write. I spent two years writing like a crazy person, followed by two years doing what I wanted to do, before returning to work for a year to write like a crazy person. Over a hundred devotions flowed from my pen. The whole time, I was constantly reminded that God uses what we have, where we are. Believe he has you. 


Check out the video on Youtube here. Spirit Lead Me (Official Video) – Influence Music & Michael Ketterer – YouTube

I’ve added it to THIS playlist if you want some more songs of encouragement. Listen while you’re driving in rush hour traffic, while you’re doing mid-day errands, or doing chores around the house. Follow me on YouTube @LifeLoveRecovery. I’m also on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest @LifeLoveRecovery. 

If you need prayer, type it below in the comments box or you can email at Life.Love.Recovery@gmail.com. I’d love for you to enter the conversation, leave a comment below. If you like what you’ve read and want new posts delivered to your inbox, type your email below. I won’t spam you or sell your information. See you there!


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