For God So Loved


This is the third day of our countdown to our BlogIversary and the release of Fierce: Surviving Domestic Violence One Step at A Time – on May 27. This also happens to be my birthday! AND I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!!!!

I’m so excited, I can hardly contain myself. 😁


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Yesterday I posted a bit about the new book! You can see that post here. If you want to purchase it on pre-release you may do so here. I also decided to tell you a little more about the book today. Then I’ll get to some more free downloads!

Why did I write this book? I wrote Fierce because in my past life, I realized that many of the women I came across, had suffered some sort of abuse in their past. I also knew several recovering addicts who suffered abuse in their past. It seemed to me that all of these women were suffering in a cycle of drugs, alcohol, shame, and silence. I was suffering in silence too. When I revealed to these women that I had suffered abuse in my past and had overcome it to become a successful person, it seemed to give them some hope. 

Then, I came across a publication that outlined a connection between women’s additions and their past abuse. There was a dual-cycle that was interwoven and began when they were younger and suffered their abuse. Here’s how it went: they were abused at some time in their past, they internalized being unloved, drugs and alcohol entered the picture, other acts of abuse occurred, more drugs and alcohol, more abuse. 

The publication pointed out that women who are trying to get clean aren’t just trying to overcome their addictions – there is so much more that they are trying to overcome. There is shame for prostitution, multiple partners, abortions, abusive partners history, and not having custody of their children. They may have been unable to stop using while they were in process of losing their children. There are so many more things women have pain about too.

In addition to being a recovery addict, the women are suffering emotionally from the shame and guilt they carry from their past actions. These women are suffering from pain at not having their children with them. They are in so much pain, the mountain is so big, it seems they cannot get over it and there’s not way around it. Then the women relapse and the cycle begins again. 

My heart hurt for these women. My heart hurt for the women who aren’t’ addicts but drink to dull some of the pain. My heart hurts for the women who keep repeating the abuse cycle with a person who promises to be better later and who beats them again. My heart hurts for the pain women experience in this world.


These are all very good reasons to break the silence. I noticed that there is shame attached to being a victim of domestic violence. There is guilt attached to being a victim. This shame and guilt creates a wall of silence – no one talks about it. 

When we do talk about it, people don’t understand. They ask questions like “why did you stay?” When we don’t know any other answer than “I loved him” they ask “how could you love him?” Then we remain silent because we don’t know the answers. The underlying psychology for the victims and the perpetrator is deep and complicated. Most people don’t understand it. I don’t understand it all.


What I do know: There are cycles within cycles within cycles. It takes a fierce tenacity to break the cycle. I existed in my cycle for years before I even realized that I was in a cycle. Then it took years for me to stop settling and demand more for myself. I only came to this ability when I realized how much God loved me. 

I didn’t believe I was lovable until I realized that God was already loving me. I didn’t realize that I mattered, that I was worthy, that I could hope for something better until I realized that God was already loving me. There was something about that kind of love that changed me. 

My process was a slow, painful process filled with mistakes that I had to learn from – and that’s why I wrote the book. I want to help others avoid the pain and the mistakes. In sharing my story, I am also breaking the silence. You are not alone in your suffering, your mistakes, or your abuse. And you are loved beyond measure. 


Now on to the Freebies!!!

Again, for today, the same as the other days this week, I have created 2 free downloadable verse prints for you. They are available in either PDF format or PNG format. Today’s verse is…

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NIV

Click the image to save it or click download for PDF below.


This verse is such a great verse. In Fierce I write about a day when I realized that it wasn’t just the whole wide world that God loved. God loved me. The good news is that God loves you too. 

I was hopeless and lost when I turned to Jesus. I was alone and broken. I made the same mistakes over and over again. I was wasting time trying to be good enough to be loved. I was hurting and suffering. 

You may feel broken, lost, and alone in the giant world. You may feel like a single blip in the billions of people on the planet. You may feel invisible and unwanted. You may feel a whole lot of things that are negative and kinda crappy. 

You are wrong sister. You are wanted, loved, and seen. God loves you. God sees you. God wants to save you and call you daughter. Having a good life filled with love and hope isn’t just for the fairy tales and movie screens. It’s for you – it’s available for free, right now. All you have to do is accept it, believe it, live in it. 

I know it seems impossible. It seems crazy. But what if the hope that Jesus offers, that I’m telling you about today is real? What if you can have a better life? What if you are more valuable than anything in this world? What if you are already loved more than you can even imagine? What if…

I invite you today to believe. I invite you today to have hope. I’m not going to say everything changed overnight for me. However, I did have hope where there was no hope. I realized I wasn’t alone because God is ever present with me. I found that I was no longer lost, because God knew where I was at. It’s just a little bit of hope, lovely. But it’s enough. 

I hope you find the hope that I found in this verse. I hope you buy the book and hear my full story and find God was with you in the midst of your suffering. 


Happy BlogIversary! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more freebies. Also don’t forget to order your own copy of Fierce: Surviving Domestic Violence One Step at a Time it will be auto delivered on May 27, 2021. It’s currently available on pre-release! You can click here to go to the LLR Store page and click through directly to Amazon!

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