Sunday Prayer

Happy Sunday friends! Today is a prayerful day for me and my family. As always, I’d like to invite you to pray with me. Today I’m praying about relationships. All month long, I’ve been talking about relationships and how our relationships play a part in living the good life. I’ve also been praying pretty heavily for my relationships in my home. I thought you might be in a similar space and so I want to pray with you. 

My verse for our prayer today is Matthew 12:35 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” 

My family is struggling to get along this month. We’re having trouble blending. I know many families struggle with the same things we do. Earlier this month, I prayed for God to give us some answers, to help us. I came upon a blog post about praying for your family – and then I realized that I was not praying for the things that we needed to get over our struggles. I was praying for things that I wanted which isn’t always the best idea.

Once I prayed for the things we needed, asked God to soften my heart, and then kicked the devil out of my house – things began to improve. I also prayed for every one of my family members in a new way. I’d like to pray a prayer for you and your relationships (of all kinds) today. Sometimes we just need to join together on this. Happy Sunday. 

Dearest God, Lord – Today we come to you with heavy hearts and heads bowed. We all have families and we all have problems within our families of all different sorts. This month you have directed us to focus on our family relationships and God sometimes that’s the hardest part of our lives. Sometimes the ones we love drive us the craziest. We ask today that you step into those spaces in our hearts today. We ask that you soften our hearts towards the people in our lives. Replace our hearts of stone with hearts full of compassion, kindness, hope, and love. We know that every day is an opportunity to love others and to be loved by you. So God, please step into our gaps where we are lacking – give us love in those spaces so that we may love others. Let us overflow with gratefulness, peace, and self-control. Let us hold our temper and offer forgiveness. Let us set kind and firm boundaries in our lives – for ourselves and for others. God, we pray that you strengthen the relationships that need to be strengthened. We pray that you direct us in your way, in your time, in your peace. God, we come with humble, hurting hearts today. Provide healing in ways that only you can. In Jesus’ name we come, Amen. 

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