Sunday Prayer

Hello Friends! It’s Sunday again and it’s Valentines Day! The day of celebrating love. What better love to celebrate than the love of Jesus? Today I’m looking at John  3:16. It’s one of the most famous verses in the bible. Many Christians and Non-Christians know it. I believe that it embodies God’s love for you and for me perfectly. Let’s Pray. 

Dear God. Today we thank you for the perfect love you give to us. You give the love that drives out fear and shines bright in the darkness. We thank you that you give love even though we don’t deserve it. We thank you that you sent Jesus to save not just the world but us individually. We know there are not enough thanks that we can give but we say it anyway. God, we ask that you draw near to the churches that are hidden away, that are persecuted, that are unable to proclaim your love that they know to the world. We ask that you protect them and that you hold them in your arms. God, we ask that you draw near to those still suffering under the burden of this pandemic – the unemployed, the sick, those who have lost their loved people. Lord, we ask that you draw near to the brokenhearted, the struggling, the abused, the lost, and the forgotten. Only your love can heal all these things. Thank you for the blessings you shine upon us, the sacrifice that you made because you love us. In Jesus’ name we ask, in his name we come, Amen. 

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