Sunday Prayer

It’s Sunday again and we are now praying people. Coming together as a group in prayer, joining our minds, and lifting our hearts together is a big deal. It’s what community is about. Prayer is powerful friend, will you pray with me?

Today, I was thinking about Lamentations 3:22-23 and I want to pray about that. The entire chapter is great, so if you want a little light reading, go check it out.

Dear God – Thank you for reminding us again that our hope is in you. As we continue to walk through this new year let us rest our hearts in you. Only you can bring peace to the grieving heart, the wounded heart, the broken heart. Only you can bring hope to the despairing heart. We thank you for your mercy and grace each day. We ask that you bring protection over those who are still in abuse and violent relationships. We ask that you provide for the needs of all who are reading this. We ask that you renew the broken relationships that need mending. I ask that you lead us to your understanding and direct our feet to where you would have us go. We ask that you give wisdom to our leaders, open the hearts of our people, and repair the wounds of our nation and our world. For any person who needs your love today God, we ask that you answer unvoiced prayers in your will. In Jesus’ name we come to you, Amen.

I hope that you are blessed by these prayers each week. If you have a prayer request, comment below or email us at

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