Sunday Prayer

Hey everyone, it’s Sunday! I’m so happy that you’re here today. I’m going to pray with you this morning. As always, if you have a prayer request, post it in the comments below. I’d love to pray with you through your journey. 

You know, we’re two weeks into 2021 and I bet many of you are feeling a little let down. I know that this is usually the time when people scrap their resolutions and begin to feel guilty about that. I also know that many of us thought that we were going to turn a corner with Covid19 when we reached 2021. Yet we haven’t. You may be experiencing other let downs too. So, if that’s you, I’d like to pray that you have some encouragement and support in the coming days. 

Dear God, our Father, we come to you today feeling a little out of sorts. We are let down, run down, and ready to give up. We ask that you hold us up, provide us encouragement, and remind us that Jesus is our hope. We pray God that you guide us to the path that you would have us take and give us rest that we need. Remind of us of your love every day so that we may persevere in hard times. Keep us steady in your loving arms, give us shelter, give us protection. We thank you for these things, we thank you that you never fail, we thank you for your guidance. In Jesus’ name we come, Amen. 

A couple months ago, I came across a reference in Psalm 143 and I ended up reading the whole thing. It is such a good Psalm for when you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, stressed, or depressed. The Psalmist goes from troubles to reminding himself of who his God is. If you need reminding today, go check it out. It’s truely beautiful. 

You can click HERE and read online. 

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