Sunday Prayer

Good Morning Friends! It’s the first Sunday of the new year. We’ve entered 2021 with high hopes and good spirits. Around here, we’ve taken down the Christmas tree and put away all the festive decorations. We’re so thankful to have been able to spend the time together in the Christmas season. 

We have begun our new year in a thoughtful way and we’ve started a new bible reading plan as well. I decided to walk through the New Testament one chapter at a time. I want to know what Jesus said to us, how he lived, and what he did. If it’s my job to follow him, then I should know those things right? Right!

I’m also going to continue Sunday prayers. I have come to like praying for you friends, I think you seem to like it too. So, since it’s a new year, new study plans, new directions, new dreams and desires, I’d like to pray for the renewal of many things in 2021. 

Dear Abbah, Yahweh, Father – Today I come to you with hope, expectations, and a willing heart. I pray that you heal our land, our world, our people. I pray that you make things new again. I pray that you ease the suffering, in all its ways, around the world. I pray that you direct our steps in the directions you would have us go. God, I pray that you would give us new hearts, replacing our hearts of stone so that we may love. I pray that you give us ears to hear and eyes to see and hands to do your will here on earth. Father, let us love our neighbors as friends and our friends as family. God make the broken and weary whole again. I pray that you send your Spirit to us so that we may experience peace and love that only you can give in this world. In all things I pray, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name, I come to offer this prayer for the new year. Amen. 

Friend if you have a prayer request, feel free to post it below. When you read this please pray along. I believe that prayer is a strong weapon. I believe that prayer moves the heart of God in our favor. I believe that when we pray together, we are joined together as friends. I hope you have a wonderful year. Happy 2021.

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