Sunday Prayer

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a better than normal Christmas day. This week I’d like to focus in on faith as we push through the last week of 2020 and stride happily into 2021. Today, I’m offering a prayer of faith. Will you pray with me? Great!

Dearest God, Abbah, Wonderful Father  – This is the beginning of the last week of 2020. We’re walking into the future with you by our side. Let us have faith for this day, this week, and the coming months. Hold us up when we are weak. Help us focus on you when we being to falter and fall. Remind us of your love daily. Help us recall that you go before us and beside us. God, sometimes life is hard, get us through it. Provide for us in the year to come. You know what we need better than even we do. Help us in every way that we need. In Jesus’ name, we ask these things. Amen. 

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