Sunday Prayer

For Advent, today is the day to light the love candle. As is quickly becoming a beloved tradition, I’d like to pray for you.  Dear God – I pray for all the people reading this, their families, their friends, their co-workers, and all the people they come across this week. I pray that you show your love to them in a way that they know it is you. I pray that you help them love all of their people in kindness, in gentleness. I pray that you protect them and that you help them feel connected to those around them. Let them know what this season is about – your love and Jesus’ birth. Help us all remember to slow down, be still, and bask in your love. Help us be your light in this world, show us how to exhibit your loving kindness. Walk with us this week as we move closer to celebrating the birth of our Savior. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.  If this week is harder for you, if you’re struggling, if you just need to know someone cares. Make a comment below. I’ll pray for you every morning. Sometimes, it helps just to know someone sees us. God sees you no matter what. This week is a very hard week and the pandemic makes it even more difficult than usual. 

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