Sunday Prayer

Happy Sunday! I’m so happy to be able to share just a minute with you all today.

Today is week three of Advent and we’re walking into Joy week! Plus we’re one week closer to the big day. 

I’ve loved praying for you all every Sunday, so I thought I’d just keep doing it. If you need some specific prayers comment below, put a post on the memorial page, or send me an email. 

Dear God – This week we’re going to focus in on Joy. Help us walk through the coming week with Joy in our hearts, on our minds, and on our faces. Many people are feeling stressed instead of blessed. Other people feel the anxiety and hardships of this season instead of the joy that comes from you being with us. Show everyone what joy you bring to life. Fill our hearts with the joy that comes from being alive in you. Let us not forget the hope and the peace that you have already brought to our lives in these last two weeks. In Jesus’ name, I pray for these things, Amen.

Leave a comment below if you need prayer. You can also email to I’d love to pray for you.

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