Hope Week.

I know 2020 is hard. For the last few weeks I’ve been adjusting my perspective for 2020. I realized 20/20 is perfect vision. I’ve achieved a lot this year even though it doesn’t look like what I wanted it to look like. I don’t feel like what I wanted to feel like. I don’t have all the things that I wanted to have.

I’m not minimizing all the suffering in the world. I look around and I see it more clearly than ever before. I’m not minimizing the global losses to humanity that are occurring. I just know that it’s a time of adjustment for everyone everywhere.

I know that this holiday season looks different for everyone everywhere. I know the extroverts are not okay. I know that there are people stuck at home with abuse and addictions who are not okay.

I also know that God is still in charge. I know that Jesus is hope. I know that while we may feel lost, there’s faith and hope that can inspire wonder and beautiful things. This weekend at church the pastor pointed out “Hope is not lost even if you feel like you are.” This confirmed that I needed an attitude adjustment. It confirmed that I have begun walking in the right direction.

This week of advent is all about hope. Some people feel like everything is lost. Some people have lost everything and everyone who matters. Big things and little things are hard. There’s still hope. All is not lost.

We have the hope that we’ve known for years. It’s not gone. We have hope that walks with us every day. It never left. We have hope that brings light to the dark world. It never dimmed. We have hope that heals the brokenness deep within us that we can’t expose to anyone except the creator of the world. That never changed.

That’s why I’m here writing these words. I’m not trying to change the world. I’m trying to give someone somewhere the hope of a life changed. I’m a walking talking example of what Jesus does when he changes a life and fills it with healing and hope.

I was abused and broken. I walked around hopeless and afraid. I exchanged sex for what I thought was intimacy that left me empty. I accepted beatings in the name of love. I believed that I was getting what I wanted but I was giving myself away to be thrown away. Until I met a man named Jesus. I realized there was hope in this world. I realized that there was hope. I realized I had hope and his name is Jesus.

My testimony is this – I lived a jacked up life that was not okay. I was not okay. Then I met Jesus, the real Jesus. I got hope and light in the darkness. Now it’s better, I’m better. I want to do nothing more than share it with you.

I read some random statistic that most people quit right before they achieve a goal. They lose hope that they’ll ever get there. Don’t lose hope. Maybe it’s right around the corner. Don’t quit when you’re almost there. Maybe you think it’s weird to believe in Jesus. Maybe you don’t know what it means or what it is. Maybe you’re hopeless, having been abused, and it seems too good to be true.

What if it’s not? What if 2020 isn’t hopeless, we just need a perception adjustment? What if we need to focus in on what really matters? What are you putting your hope in these days?

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