Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving! It’s so exciting…I’m getting hungry just thinking about dinner. How about you?

This morning, we’re doing a virtual turkey trot. It’s apparently the largest in the US. We’re just doing a 5k walk and we might do a little running, but I’m not physically fit to run the whole distance yet. Next year definitely!

Okay, so thanksgiving is about being thankful. I am so very blessed and I’ve spent the month counting down to the big day and counting up all the wonderful things and people in my life. I thought it would be the thing to do to share a little bit. What do you think?

Okay! Here goes!

I’m thankful for some awesome things:

Fun times and high fives. Central air when it’s hot and heat when it’s not. Cheese, chocolate, and summer. Fall leaves, coffee, and steak for dinner. Iced cream and hot chocolate. Candles and lotions. Paper, books, and cell phones. Hope. Computers, electronic devices (except when they’re after me). Peace and happiness definitely top the list. Online shopping and craft supplies. Music. Freedom, Bibles, and extra to share with people everywhere. Food. Desert. Clean water and a lovely home.

I’m thankful for so many people:

Chris, Kody, Kayla. Court clerks. Veterans and veterinarians (that word is hard to spell!) Friends and family. Rosie, Artemis, and Rufus. Atilla the cat. Life groups and lovely church people. Pastors, volunteers, and chocolatiers. Police, teachers, and bus drivers. Cafeteria workers and janitors. Pilots and cooks. Mothers, fathers, cousins. Nurses and doctors. Computer scientists. Fighters and lovers. Scientists of all sorts. Activists. Activists, lawyers, and social workers. Semi-truck drivers, assemblers, trash haulers. Delivery drivers. Poll workers. Attendants, essential workers, and astronauts. Street sweepers. Best friends.

I’m thankful for who God says I am:

Helped. Beloved. Chosen, called, known. Held, seen. Protected and planned. Heard, forgiven, wanted. Welcome. Adopted. DAUGHTER. Heir. Cared-for. Redeemed. Free. Princess. Faithful, original. Steadfast, purposed. Trustworthy. Restored. Alive. Worthy. Hopeful. Held. Peace-filled, calm. Loved. Good. Alive.

I hope you would save this photo, print it out, make it your home screen, or desktop screen. I pray you look on it daily and know who you are.

During this week, I’ve also read a set of Psalms that have put my heart in a posture of gratefulness. I am grateful this month and every other day for the sacrifice that Jesus made and the love from God bestowed upon us.  It has brought lightness to my heart and joy in my mornings. I hope you found some joy too.

On this thankful day, I know that there are people in this country who don’t have a lot to be thankful for. Our family has considered those people and we are praying for them every day. We grew up as a couple of kids who didn’t have a lot and sometimes didn’t have enough. This month, we have made donations to organizations that feed people who don’t have enough to eat. We do it because we care, because Covid continues, because the times we live in are hard.

I encourage you to donate too. Every little bit helps. Here’s a place you can go to donate: https://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america

I pray you have a lovely holiday. I pray that you find gratitude in your life. I hope that you are filled with love and laughter on this day. I pray that you find warmth and enough in you life today. Happy thanksgiving.

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