Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is domestic violence awareness month. This month, I’m challenging you this month to take action. I challenge you to make a difference in this world.

I invite you to share on the Memorials page here:

With the statistics of 1 in 3 women (CDC statistic) having been abused at some point in her life, it is likely that you have been touched by DV in some way during your life. The memorial page here, is a safe place to come together in community without shame, guilt, or judgment. Leave your person’s name and date of death. Leave your prayer. Leave an unspoken name and prayer if you’re still in the relationship and want some support. There’s no judgment.

During the pandemic shut down there were millions of people stuck at home with their abuser. During the month of April, the local domestic violence hotlines (here in Ohio) were eerily quiet. Victims couldn’t get out, they couldn’t call for help or support. The pandemic made it worse for them. It’s awful to think of those people suffering.

There are reports that the number of notifications to Child Protective Services was down by almost half nationwide. (NBC report) The children were stuck at home with abusers when schools locked down. Pediatricians reported treating more severe injuries than the same period year over year. We know that children who are abused go on to live in abusive situations as adults – either as an abuser or as a victim.

Do something. Whatever you do, don’t do nothing. Anything is better than doing nothing. See something, say something.

I used to think there wasn’t anything I could do because the problem is so wide spread, people make their own choices, and I am just one person who happens to not be a billionaire. But that’s not true, I was wrong.

Change begins with me. One small thing – calling the police when my neighbor screams at 3am even though I am terrified of retribution from him. Change begins when I donate money to an organization that helps victims of domestic violence. Change happens when I donate my time and my words and my experience as a survivor of domestic violence to give hope to someone else. Change happens when I combine my $10 with a thousand other people’s $10 and we make a difference of $10,000 together.

Change happens when I pray for those people who are stuck and want to be free and cannot do so yet. Change happens when I pray for the families of those who have lost a sister, a daughter, a friend to a violent abuser gone too far. Change happens when I pray for the little boy or girl who is stuck at home with a person who hits him or her. Change happens when I pray and don’t forget.

I urge you this month, to do something. You can make a difference.

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NBC article: here:

CDC statistics:


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