Challenge Accepted

Slavery is real. In 2020, there are humans trafficked and enslaved. MILLIONS of humans enslaved. On October 17, 2020 there will be an international freedom summit held by a nonprofit organization called A21.
A21 is a global non-profit that is working in 18 locations across 13 countries to eradicate human trafficking. Sign up for the summit, join the fight. A21 issued a challenge. I accepted the challenge. Walk 21k in 21days for A21. When I accepted the challenge I started a fundraiser to benefit the restoration of trafficked humans. Together we can make a difference. Join me in making a difference. All it requires is for you to take one small step. You can learn more about human trafficking here: How are people slaves in 2020? They are forced to be prostitutes. They are forced to be maids, gardeners, cooks. Forced Labor, Bonded Labor, Child Labor. It’s terrible. It’s heartbreaking. You want to do something? Fund A21. A small donation to my fundraiser will help survivors who have been recently rescued lead a new life. Restore focuses on empowering survivors on their unique journeys toward restoration and independence through holistic aftercare, safe accommodation, and relocation services. I’ve already started walking. Today is day three.
Sunday 9/27/20 – Day 2
The survivors who benefit from your donation will received care packages, trauma counseling for survivors, and educational and vocational training. Your funds could mean the difference between a life held in captivity and a life that is free. Can you imagine? Your sister, your daughter, your son, your brother, your person who took a job in another country, in another state, disappears. You don’t see or hear from them for months or years. You learn that he or she has been sold, beaten, and forced to do horrible things. Can you imagine? I can. That’s why I am walking 21k in 21 days. That’s why I am raising funds to help people who have been rescued from slavery. Click the link and donate what you can, do what you can, as much as you can. Click here to donate: Thank you!

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