God is in the Throne Room

When the foundations for good collapse what can good people do? The Lord is in his holy temple; the Lord sits on his throne in heaven. He sees what people do; he keeps his eye on them. Psalm 11:3-4 NCV.

One morning I stumbled across this verse when I was having my quiet time. You see, I have been praying every day just like so many others.  I pray for a cure to Covid19, I pray for all the sick, and I pray for all their families. I pray for the victims of human sex trafficking and their families. I pray for the addicts and their families. I pray for the homeless and the poor. I pray that God will look down and stop the evil from running amok and hurting good people.

Sometimes I feel like God doesn’t see us. I begin to lose hope. I have a difficulty leaning in to faith. I would bet you feel some of this too.

We are all at varying levels of okay and not okay. Some people are just fine thank you very much. Some people are not okay, not even a little bit. Some people are “fine”. Some people are struggling to find food and some people have watched their entire play list on Netflix. Some people can’t afford the light bill and some people are sad that they’ve missed their Jamaican vacation.  

We’re all in the same boat but we all have different circumstances. We all have to live in this great big world together. We all suffer. We all suffer differently.

For some of us the struggle is harder than for others. Domestic violence cases are up. Child abuse reports are down because the children are quarantined and reporters don’t see them. There are children going hungry because they can’t have school lunch. Overdoses are up too. Divorces filings are up too. People are dying alone. It feels like the world is falling apart around us.

I’ve been crying sometimes when I think of all the suffering all around me. It feels like it’s taking over. I can’t seem to find a cuteness overload viral video anywhere. No baby goats. It’s all news, gloom, and doom. It’s all sadness filling my mind and soul. It feels dark and lonely for many of us.

I look to Jesus for hope. I rely on the peace that I get from knowing I’m not alone. But, even though that’s true, sometimes… I look at the night sky and say “where are you God?”

I know I’m not alone. But, my heart hurts for all the people all over the world. They’re grieving and my heart hurts for the mom, the dad, the brother, the sister, the friend, the co-worker. They’ve lost their person. The person who brings light to their life. The person who they loved dearly. It’s awfully sad.

Then, I read this verse. It was like God heard my cries and saw my tears and my broken heart. He looked down, took my hand, and wiped my tears. He said “I am still in the throne room.”

Then, I saw an AP wire post that says that there is progress for the vaccine. I looked up from my pain and I saw a video in my news feed of a baby laughing. You know…that baby laugh that you can’t help but react to. I got together with friends outside and stayed 6 feet apart. Things didn’t seem so bad.

I remember the verse that Jesus said “He gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain to the just and the unjust alike.”[1] There is both good and evil in the world. I know that, you know that. There are times we lose focus and we can only see the negative things in this world.

But, there are so many good things happening that we don’t know about. All the things we do know about aren’t all bad either. My friends are having a baby and I’m so happy for them. My other friends just finished building a deck for their house – it was their first project together ever. My husband and I get to hang out in the back yard a lot. We have less things to do every day. I’m finishing my book. We’re watching our church on TV in our partially finished basement space.

During quarantine we’ve been intentional about being together. For many of us, it’s a change from our normal that’s wonderfully unexpected. We’ve also come together in a whole new way. Many of us are figuring out how to use the technology that’s near to us. It’s not all bad.

There’s rain and sunshine. There’s good and bad. God is in the throne room and evil has already lost. Keep hope, keep praying, keep loving.

[1] Matthew 5:45 NLT

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